Charities we support

Supporting people is at the heart of what we do.


Our group, our community, our franchisees, our clients. We champion and celebrate individuals.

With this in mind we are committed to supporting a number of charities that help improve people’s lives, every year. This may be through helping with hosting, developing their websites, or general donations.

We support SCUFF, The Scar Cover Up Freedom Foundation.

SCUFF helps to fund tattoo coverups for those left with self-harm scars. A constant reminder of times they have struggled, these coverup tattoos can help people move on from the constant reminder of their past, be a part of the healing process and give people confidence to do more with their life.

Our Managing Director Katie is actively involved in supporting SCUFF and is taking part in a fundraising walk this year in memory of a friend, to raise funds. To support SCUFF visit their website here

We regularly support  a range of people focussed charities and community groups with digital marketing services, whether this is a discount on their hosting or support with their website. 

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