We can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website with our bespoke hosting which includes full security, developer support and all the required system updates.

You never have to worry, or talk to a call centre! Great news.


Think of us as your in-house technical team.

Our aim is to ensure your website runs well, is up to date and remains secure at all times – giving you peace of mind about your investment and that potential clients can access your business whenever they wish.

Main benefits

Here are the main benefits to hosting your website with us:


Experience and reliability

We are proud to have been in business since 2008. We know how to provide excellent hosting services and we make sure that we are constantly evolving with our clients and the marketplace.

Security awareness

We keep everything as secure as we possibly can because that is of paramount importance to our clients.

Email sync

You will never have to speak to a call centre, just your local activ consultant who will sort everything out on your behalf.

Mobile compatible

Data is kept close by, so you know that it’s safe.

Dedicated instance IP

We share nothing, and we can guarantee reliability with our servers.

Nightly backups

We carry out automatic, daily backups of your website meaning it’s impossible to lose too much.

Current IPv4

We support the latest and fastest internet technology you need to ensure your business can compete with the best.


We understand the importance of SSL and we make sure that all our sites are held securely.

Safe and secure

Better security and reliability with features such as simultaneous replicated storage for your email, built-in disaster recovery, spam filtering and more.

Extra users

Options to add new users and additional storage (charges apply).


We operate under the strict GDPR regulations, and we make sure that we help our clients to implement GDPR processes.

Plugin management

We take care of everything, from accurate sourcing, to updates, to renewals.

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